DD30 is now publicly listed on the OTC Markets. For more information Click Here >

DD30 is now publicly listed on the OTC Markets. For more information Click Here >

Compounding Crypto Market Exposure with DeFi Yield Generation

November 18th, 2021

Since its rise in 2020, DeFi has become the core driver of consistently unbeatable yields in crypto. Retail and institutional investors want to cash in on high yield DeFi projects that pay participants who provide liquidity handsomely. But most capital allocators don’t know how to navigate the complex risks that come with the DeFi ecosystem.

In this 1 hour fireside chat we discussed how investors can leverage DeFi to juice their personal and fund portfolio returns, where to find alpha in the plethora of market making pools, staking, and lending investment opportunities, why compounding crypto market exposure with DeFi yields is a great way to hedge your market long position, and what safe guards investors can put in place to mange risks like stablecoin peg breakages, rug pulls, and emerging coin value crashes.

View the event recording now to learn key DeFi investment strategies from experts who deliver DeFi returns for a living:

  • What the most attractive DeFi investment opportunities for each risk/reward profile are
  • How each protocol affects yields based on trading costs and liquidity
  • Where DeFi experts find lucrative DeFi pools every day
  • Which assets to stake – Stablecoins, Blue Chip Cryptos, or Emerging coins
  • How to evaluate a Defi pool’s risk before putting any capital at risk
  • Why insurance and hedging is key for downside protection
  • How long this high yield environment will last
  • Whether the SEC’s effort to standardize the market will affect yields
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