MaxFi is LIVE! To learn more about our yield generating market-long DeFi fund, Click Here >

MaxFi is LIVE! To learn more about our yield generating market-long DeFi fund, Click Here >

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Diffuse® Digital 30, LP

digital asset index fund

Eligible for Profit Share

Diffuse® Digital 30, LP

digital asset index fund

For investors who want broad-based digital asset exposure

Investment Objective

DD30 seeks to give Limited Partners passive exposure to the digital asset class with greater peace of mind and efficiency than investing directly

Profit Share

10% of the fund’s GP’s profits are distributed to investors who commit capital before the fund reaches $10M in AUM, tiered by the time of capital receipt. The earlier the investment the larger the profit share.

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Fund Constituents

Top 30 digital assets by market capitalization, excluding wrapped coins and stablecoins, that are able to be held with a qualified custodian

Fund Composition

Each digital asset’s representation in the basket is based on the month-end market capitalization

Fund Weighting

Market cap-weighted

Rebalance Frequency


Type of Fund

An open-ended 506(c) Regulation D vehicle


2% per annum Management Fee

20% staking and lending Revenue Activity Allocation

No performance fee tied to digital asset price appreciation

Investor qualification

Accredited investors only

Min investment

$250k minimum until the fund reaches $5 MM in assets under management, subject to GP discretion


Monthly redemptions, no lock-up


DD30 does not currently have a reference index but Diffuse intends to select and start tracking one soon


In 2019 the story of digital assets had two protagonists: Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the rise of competitor blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi) the story now has an ensemble cast.

Investors are desperate for digital asset exposure but fund producers largely focus on BTC and ETH.

We’ve not seen an efficient way to invest in the whole ensemble (i.e., a diversified basket of all the star digital assets).

So we’ve created it…

Key Features

Meet The Team


Kenny Estes

Fund Manager


Ayla Kremb



Eric Long



Jens Jorgensen


Service Providers

Inter-disciplinary group specializing in digital assets securities law, private and public funds, tax, and regulations and an active member of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and the Digital Chamber of Commerce

US qualified custodian operating as a standalone, independently-capitalized business to Coinbase, Inc. which segregates and holds digital assets in trust on behalf of their clients

Full-service fund administration firm delivering world class solutions in the alternative investment space

Award winning tax and accounting firm with a dedicated digital assets team

Crypto-only data provider and index publisher

A self-regulatory association for the digital assets and cryptocurrency industry