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Diffuse® Digital MaxFi Fund

September 2021 Inception

Since Inception


Trailing 1 Month


Average Monthly


Diffuse® Digital 30 Fund

June 2021 Inception

Since Inception


Trailing 1 Month


Monthly Average


The returns reflect the unaudited returns for Diffuse Digital’s funds (the “Funds”) for the periods stated herein. Performance returns are calculated net of management fees, incentive allocations and all expenses. Returns are based on an investment in the Funds “since inception” and reflect the reinvestment of gains. Each specific investor’s net returns may vary depending upon various factors including management fees, incentive allocations and the timing of its capital activity in the Funds. You should understand that these returns are not necessarily reflective of your net returns in the Funds, and you should follow-up with Diffuse if you have any questions about the returns presented herein.