Fund Modeling Finesse

March 10th, 2021

Taylor Davidson of Foresight on Fund Structures and The Role They Play in Fundraising

DiffuseTap Virtual Event Series – March 10, 2021

To some degree, the actual model itself is not necessarily the most important thing for an LP, but it’s a really important check to show that your strategy for the fund can work. Do the numbers in your investment strategy qualitatively fit your strategy? Are you properly budgeting for your capital calls over time to be able to do follow-ons? Are you probably budgeting your structure in terms of your management fees to run the company to provide your value-adds to your portfolio companies?” – Taylor Davidson, Foresight

Last time on DiffuseTap, Taylor Davidson, Managing Director and Founder of Foresight, talked about the perfect fund structure – why it simply does not exist – and how the rolling fund structure is, surprisingly, not so different from the traditional fund structure we all know, save for a thing or two.

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