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DD30 pre-IPO private raise is NOW open. For more information Click Here >

Film Finance Due Diligence

May 26th, 2021

Umbrelic on how to start investing in the movies without breaking the bank

DiffuseTap Virtual Event Series – May 26, 2021

“…A lot of times, the creatives are the one driving the charge for the fundraising and everything else there. That’s great, but the problem I find most of the time is, they’re not thinking of the investor as a customer… The way we think about it is that they are our customers, and they are investing in our product. So with that in mind, what do we need to do? And what criteria do we need to make sure that the product gets delivered on time?” – Brian Katz, Umbrelic

Film investing can be a lucrative but also risky undertaking. Mitigating such risk starts with market research, deep due diligence, and picking the right investment vehicle.

Last time on DiffuseTap, Brian Katz and Tom Zambeck of Umbrelic gave us an inside look at evaluating investment opportunities in the film and entertainment industry, how due diligence differs in this space vs other asset classes, and how independent investors can get their foot in the door investing in Hollywood without breaking the bank.

Listen to the full audio or download last week’s event transcript here.

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