Disrupting Venture Capital

March 17th, 2021

Oliver Libby of H/L Ventures on the Broken VC Ecosystem and the Rise of Venture Studios

DiffuseTap Virtual Event Series – March 17, 2021

Impact and diversity are huge factors in our investment thesis. They’ve been way underrepresented in the venture world since inception. If you’re a Black entrepreneur starting their first venture, and you raised your first few thousands from your neighborhood or the church community, you can’t just blow up that cap table and start your next venture really quickly… And you’re not going to get a second chance. So, I think we need to be really looking at this question carefully and see what we can do to improve as a sector.” – Oliver Libby, H/L Ventures

What’s wrong with venture capital today? Last time on DiffuseTap, Oliver Libby, Managing Partner at H/L Ventures, talked about the broken venture capital system, the common myths surrounding venture studios, and why the power law does not apply anymore.

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