DD30 pre-IPO private raise is NOW open. For more information Click Here >

DD30 pre-IPO private raise is NOW open. For more information Click Here >

DiffuseLaunch: Crypto Index Fund lists on OTCQX

January 27th, 2022

What if you could collect a profit share on a publicly-traded crypto index fund that doesn’t have a massive discount/premium to book value?

Diffuse Digital 30 – our market cap weighted index fund tracking an index of the top 30 coins – is hopefully listing on the OTCQX.

In this 30 minute virtual session for alt fund GPs and LPs – Dave McClure, founder of Practical VC and founder at 500 Startups – grilled us on our portfolio allocation, returns, risk management, and fund structuring strategy to suss out whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

If you are curious how we’re looking to launch a redeemable crypto index fund with a profit share for investors in our $30M pre-IPO round, watch the video recording or download the event transcript for the DiffuseLaunch DD30 event.


We are an alternative fund platform offering differentiated investment products.

Diffuse® Digital
A family of fund products for investors who want exposure to the potentially attractive returns in digital assets. We partner with service providers respected by Wall Street and adhere to tight compliance, risk management, and investing processes.

Diffuse® Digital 30
Institutional crypto index that fund gives exposure to the top 30 coins, weighted by market capitalization.

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