Cannabis Is Crushing It

June 23rd, 2021

Cannabis as an asset class and how to navigate the new investment hot house

DiffuseTap Virtual Event Series – June 23, 2021

Thanks to VC investments in cannabis technology and funds focused on cannabis-related securities, capital allocation opportunities are burgeoning. Meanwhile, regulations remain firmly in place, keeping this new asset class a high-risk and high-volatility investment option.

Last time on DiffuseTap, Benjamin Richardson of 7thirty, Helene Servillon of JourneyOne Ventures, and Jennifer Piro of The Cannabis Syndicate talked to us about the current landscape of the cannabis space and why it’s gaining crazy momentum, the challenges that loom large over the space, and practical advice for canna-curious investors looking to tap into the industry.

Listen to the full audio or download last week’s event transcript here.

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