DD30 pre-IPO private raise is NOW open. For more information Click Here >

DD30 pre-IPO private raise is NOW open. For more information Click Here >

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Diffuse® StableFi

Market neutral DeFi fund


Diffuse® StableFi

Market neutral DeFi fund


For investors who want DeFi yields with minimal volatility exposure

Investment Objective

Generate strong yields in a market-neutral manner by investing stablecoins in innovative DeFi products.


By only investing in stablecoins we aim to maintain a market-neutral position (ie, minimal exposure to overall digital asset volatility).

Type of Fund

Open ended

Rebalance Frequency

Rebalanced and returns compounded daily to optimize yields and minimize risk exposure to non-stablecoins


2% per annum management fee

20% performance fee

Investor qualification

Accredited investors only

Min investment

$250,000, at GP’s discretion


Monthly intake


Monthly redemptions with 30 days notice, no lock-up


In 2020, Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”) started performing tasks traditionally done by financial institutions.

DeFi investors receive a share of the fees paid for that work in exchange for investing their digital assets.

Two established yield generating products are:

  • Banking: Borrow assets from DeFi investors, pay them interest, and lend at a higher interest rate
  • Market Making: Pay DeFi investors a transaction fee to help convert one digital asset into another

We believe Stablecoins, whose price is pegged to a “real world” asset and thus traditionally less volatile, are an attractive yield generating investment opportunity.

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Key Features

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Meet The Team


Kenny Estes

Fund Manager


Ayla Kremb



Eric Long



Jens Jorgensen


Service Providers

Full-service international legal platform that combines extensive Big Law experience with an entrepreneurial business-first point of view, leveraging its 50 years of expertise in representing private funds who are pushing the envelope with their strategies, across their life cycle

Full-service commercial bank with a specialized Digital Asset Solutions Group focused on providing banking services for the crypto industry, including exchanges, funds, and trading firms

Tech-enabled fund administration firm delivering world class solutions in the alternative investment space

World class, global tax and accounting firm with a dedicated digital assets team

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In 2019 the story of digital assets had two protagonists: Bitcoin and Ethereum.  With the rise of competitor blockchains and decentralized finance (DeFi) the story now has an ensemble cast.

Investors are desperate for digital asset exposure but fund producers largely focus on BTC and ETH.

We’ve not seen an efficient way to invest in the whole ensemble (i.e., a diversified basket of all the star digital assets).

So we’ve created it…

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